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Our company specializing in the Telecom arena taking pride building trustful relationships with our customers. We sell  AT&T services, but have expanded our services with several other providers to ensure that we offer the best solution for our customers.  We take pride in helping customers find the best products  and services that will enhance their telecommunications business while making it very lucrative for them. We work with phone, Internet and cable vendors to ensure we customize an infrastructure that benefits our customers.

We do a free billing audit by analyzing all telecommunication invoices. We help put a plan in place that will save our customers on their telecom overhead while upgrading their current solution. 

Our company provides superb customer service by handling all trouble tickets, billing issues, technical assistance, credit adjustments and much more for our customers. We are the one stop solution for all customers so they do not have to worry about their telecom services. We are paid by the carriers therefore do not charge our clients that purchase their network or communications through us. 



We offer a wide range of products with superior customer service.

*Internet Protocol IP Services (BVOIP)

*Data Services - Managed Internet Service, Ethernet, MPLS, AVPN, Point to Point,  Switched Ethernet and much more

*Cloud phone system

*Cloud Managed Services

*Local Services - Business access lines, PRI and  IP Flex

* Long Distance

*Network Security - network based firewall and premise based firewall

*Web Hosting


*Free Consulting and clean up of all billiing accounts



Christopher Crist - Access Family Care - CIO “As  Chief Information Officer, I’ve been in healthcare IT for 11 years now  and I’ve never had a more positive experience with a consulting  organization. Kara, specifically, has ensured that we understood that  she had our best interest in mind. I’ve heard this from many others in  the past, however, Kara transformed those words into action. She not  only improved our entire network and telecommunications, she saved us  thousands of dollars in the process. At each organization I go, she is  the first person I call to evaluate opportunities. You cannot go wrong  with K2Solutions.”  

Tom Jones - Fitzgibbon Hospital  - CIO   I  have been using Kara as my go to person to assist with all types of  trouble resolution as well as adds, moves and changes for our AT&T  circuits for several years.  Kara is such a pleasant and professional  person who always goes above and beyond to resolve our issues.     Often  times when I have an AT&T employee visit, they ask me why I use K2  to order or make changes as they state they are perfectly capable to  assist.  I worked with AT&T account teams for years and was always  frustrated with outcomes.  Now I simply state, no thanks, I have a great  person who provides professional and personal services to our business  network needs.  Kara is nothing short of outstanding in everything she  does for my corporation.     I  highly recommend Kara and K2 to handle the complex infrastructure of  AT&T’s processes.  She makes it happen with a personal touch and not  just a teleprompter or website to review trouble tickets.  She takes  the frustration out of this complex world! 

Stephen Spanihel - Rice Medical Hospital -  IT Director  Kara  Mason and the services she provides our facility are top of the line.  She works doggedly to achieve favorable results for us, the client. She  also continues to review our service accounts throughout the year  assuring that we are receiving the most return on our investments. It is  very reassuring to know that all I have to do is pick up the phone and  give her a call whenever I have questions concerning anything Telco  related. Even if the question is out of her specialty, she will find an  answer for me. I cannot express high enough the regard in which I value  Kara and the results that she produces. She has proven her expertise  whether it is a quick answer to a question or  a lengthy investigation  and fight on our behalf. And that it the real key… she fights for  results that benefit us, the client. 


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